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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Organic fruit veg and salad delivery

We started buying organic fruit veg and salad boxes online, and I just thought I'd share what we got this week :)

First we have apples, pears and mango

Carrots and cooked beetroot


Lettuce, broccoli, celery and leeks

Cauliflower, pepper fruit, broccoli, leeks and lettuce

Onions and parsnips

Pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes


Just thought I'd share a bit from valentine's day.

First photo is of the pretty flowers my man got me. Carnations are my favorites :)

Next I'd done my nails up after a video from Illamasque, about how to make the nails featured in the campaign for the Throb collection. I'd use other colors next time, with a bigger contrast. And I've reshaped the attachment now for next time as well.

The nail attachment before painting it.

Fish Cakes

I've been missing fish cakes since moving from Denmark. Over here fishcakes are all breaded, and just not "real fish cakes" to me :)

And as I have yet to come across a place here that sells minced fish, I decided to start making my own.

I get out my blender (all round kitchen machine). I add 1 onion cut in large chunks, and then I give it a blend to make it finely chopped. Then I add about 500 grams of mixed fish, I bought a fish pie mix from the store (salmon, haddock and smoked haddock). Then I blend again.

Now you have 2 choices, depending on how coarse you like your fishcakes. 1) If you like them coarse, you scrape the onion and fish out of your blender into a bowl and mix the rest with a spoon, or 2) If you prefer a fine texture, leave the onion and fish mix, and mix the rest in using the blender.

Now add 1 egg plus 1 egg white. 50 ml soy milk (or normal milk), 100 ml gluten free flour (or regular flour), salt, pepper and some dill. Mix until you have an even mass.

Heat some oil in a frying pan. Then scoop the mince up with a tablespoon and place the mix on the frying pan. Fry until golden brown.

I served it with a salad and new potatoes plus a home made onion sauce.

Onion sauce was made by frying slices of onion in a pan. Then adding a little vinegar, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of sugar. Then add some vegetable stock and bring to the boil. Thicken with cornflour dissolved in a little bit of soy milk.

Friday, 11 February 2011


A few weeks ago me and my man was watching TV, and someone was given a peach cobbler. I've never actually tried a cobbler before, and it looked really yummy.

Since I had some apples, that needed to be used, I thought instead of making a crumble, I'd try a apple and peach cobbler.

So I searched my cook books and found nothing. Then I goggled it, and found a lovely one on.

The recipe is "unfortunately" from an American site, which raises the problem of conversion into metrics for me :) (I have no clue on American measurements what so ever lol)

But I found a good site for converting.

It is yummy, and not the last time I'd make a cobbler :)

I made mine gluten and dairy free using gluten free flour, pure sunflower spread, soy milk and soy yoghurt.

Also be careful about the cooking time. It was a little much for the edges of mine, think I'd given mine a check after 15 minutes, to see if it really needed 20 total :) Could just be my oven though.

Served it up with soy whipping cream with a dash of vanilla extract stirred in.


Thursday, 10 February 2011

"Fast Food"

So today I needed to make something quick and easy for dinner. So I turn to stir fry style food :)

I finely chopped leeks and celery, and fried them in a pan. Then I added some prawns, salt, pepper and saffron soaked in a little bit of hot water. Then I added a tiny bit of soy milk, and let it boil for a little minute. Then I squeezed the juice of half a lime and stirred that in.

Served in a bowl with rice noodles :)

It was yummy, and took max 20 minutes (incl. the time to clean and chop veg.)


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Back again.

Been a long time since I last blogged. Been mad busy over Christmas and New Year. So when January arrived I was tired and in need of holiday.

And then I went hardcore with my diet. All dairy and gluten have been cut out. My skin is clearing, I have better sleep, I'm feeling less snooty, etc. I generally feel a lot better! (If you understand Danish I recommend Kernesund for reading material on this.)

Also tried my first ever fresh organic fruit and veg box service. And I love it! I'm eating more of it now :)

So I thought I'd do an update with some photos of what I've been up to lately. Mostly food :)

Pictures are all with my phone, as I've not been able to locate the camera cable to charge it.

Right we start out with a smoothie. I think that one was peach and strawberry. I like to add pea protein in it, as I can't have whey or casein type proteins.

This upside down one is of Kedgeree. A breakfast type curry dish with fish and egg. I used smoked salmon fillet for mine.

This picture is of my new dragonfly necklace. I saw it in the window of Accessorize. And I had to get it. It was only £10, so didn't break the bank. I've badly wanted a dragonfly necklace, ever since I read Twenties Girl :)

I've started baking my own bread, as I don't like the gluten free bread from the stores. These loafs are sunflower seed ones, and are really super tasty (might blog on that recipe later). You wouldn't know it was gluten free, unless you were told.

This is a breakfast I made with boiled leftover brown rice, dates, apple juice and soy milk. Just boil it all together and add flavor with cinnamon and lemon peel. Served with fresh apple chunks.

This is Risengroed. It is a kind of rice pudding, served with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a little lump of butter melting in the center. ( I had this at Christmas, before I cut dairy and gluten out :) )

These After Eight cookies are amazing and dangerous!!! (can't just have 1)


This was how I made my nails up for New Years.

This is a picture of a chocolate orange shake, which isn't too bad for you. It is made with soy yogurt, 100% cocoa powder, orange juice, soy milk and peanut butter. Yummy! :)