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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Falling behind!!!

Been a busy bee lately :) I have photos for a few more posts, they just seem to be piling up :)

First a FOTD. I felt like pink makeup, but wasn't sure what to do for a contrast color on the lower lash line. So I asked my boyfriend, and he picked out the green. I really liked the result :)

I also tried some nail varnish. My boyfriends cousin was visiting, and brought some I could try. The grey color is by Rimmel and is called Grey Matter. I love the color, but it was a bit thick to apply, which I find a lot of Rimmel varnishes to be. The Glitter over the grey was from Bourjois. I really liked that. I think they have a great consistency. I will be having a look for that one for my self :) I think the color worked best with the glitter over the top.

Coming up is another FOTD and some haul pictures :) With that I might do some pics of my nail varnish stash and maybe some swatches too, depending on time :)

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