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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Dark Magic & Violetta

FOTD time!!

I can't remember exactly what I did for my skin... concealer and mineral foundation I think.

But for the rest of my make up I used:

  • MAC Shroom e/s for highlighting my brow bone
  • MAC My Dark Magic MES from the VV collection on my lid and lower lash line.
    I did have to use a mixing medium to get the right color pay of though. (I used a homemade medium made from glycerin and boiled water.)
  • MAC French Quarters GPS to line my lash line
  • black kohl on my waterline
  • MAC white frost e/s in the inner corner of my eye
  • HR mascara in black
  • Benefit Browzings
  • MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder from the VV collection as blush
  • MAC Violetta l/s on lips I'd lined with a neutral lip liner

Hope you like it. I went for products mainly from the Maleficent part of the VV collection.

Quick post

My cold sores finally healed!!! I'm so happy about that. I hate them so much.
Unfortunately got a cold now, so my nose is a bit skinless, but still better than the sores.

I lightened my hair last week. I had my boyfriend help me do the root on the back of my head. I think the color turned out well. (I'll do a post on the makeup you can't really see in this photo later tonight)

Today I also gave my self a haircut for the first time. A bit scary to do, but I found a video on YouTube, with a great tip for cutting the back straight (most videos were for layered cuts, that my hair is way too fine to pull of).

I also cut some layers in the front of my hair, but I didn't need a video to show me how to do that :D
I think it all turned out really well. I'll try and take some photos for you all to see. Only needed a little help with the back. One side had a bit that was too long still, but got some one to fix that for me... one quick little snip :)

And last I did a quick meal last week. I couldn't really be bothered with too much work, so:

I boiled 2 pieces of chicken breast. Cut some mangetout in half. Sliced mushrooms. Fried the veg in a bit of oil. Cut the boiled chicken into chunks and add them to the pan together with a sachet of Pad Thai sauce. Served with rice noodles. Took 15 minutes to do :D

And it was really yummy.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Swatches :)

I've now managed to try out all the Venomous Villains nail polishes.
And I love them! I like the Mean and Green color the best, but the other two are gorgeous too :)

So below I have some pictures of them. I do apologize for the mess in the Bad Fairy pics, I didn't have time to clean up the edges. Plus I'm in the need of a manicure.

Bad Fairy:


Mean & Green:


Monday, 11 October 2010

Productive day

So today I did a fair bit :)
Managed 3 loads of laundry. Then made a batch of pannacotta. And then baked a portion more of my muffins.

So I was feeling good about my self :D

So for dinner tonight I made a dish inspired by these chili king prawns we'd had from the Chinese :)

I fried thin sliced onion and peppers till tender . Added salt chili pepper and lime juice and king prawns. Served it up with Udon noodles. Was actually really tasty, thought I did well, although I do think I'll add more chili next time.

Enjoy! x

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Random Sunday post

I just wanted to do a little post. Earlier this weekend I was talking about a salad dressing, I currently love. It's the simplest thing in the world. I mix sesame seed oil, rice vinegar and agave syrup. It just tastes yummy :D

And I've started reading the first Twilight book. So far actually liking it. Was worried I'd find it a bit to teeny angsty, but isn't as bad in that department, as I thought.

Might post about food tomorrow. I'll be trying out something new with king prawns, inspired by some king prawns we got from the Chinese take away :)


Saturday, 9 October 2010

Do you know the muffin man?

So as I said in my post earlier today, I was going to bake muffins. I found my allergy cookbook, and used that as a base idea.
I used about 200ml of rice milk, 250gr. flour, 2 eggs, 50gr. melted soy spread, 50gr. of dark muscovado sugar, 1 tablespoon of gluten free baking powder, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of allspice, 50gr. of raisins, and 3 apples from the garden peeled and cut into chunks.
I used my silicone muffins moulds for the first time. And how I LOVE them!!!! I just put a thin layer of soy spread in the moulds, and then filled them with the dough. I baked them in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

They are very delicious. And not too sweet. They kinda remind me of the cake called Herman.

I hope you'll enjoy.

Huge MAC haul

Lately I've been making a lot of food posts. Today is going to be my latest haul. I've not done any beauty for a while, since I've been having cold sores. And as for my tutorial video, we've still got some software problems, so that might take some time to fix :(

But on the note of beauty:
MAC and Disney have made a make up collection called Venomous Villains (VV). And I've been really excited about some of the stuff in that collection. I love Maleficent!!! I ordered my stuff online. I have been on the page, and a fair few things are already sold out!

I've been getting some other permanent line MAC stuff this month too, and below are my pics of what I got :) (except for a picture of the greasepaint stick in French Quarters from the Dr. Facilier part of VV)

The VV Collection haul.

From the Cruella part: Sweetjoy and De-Vil

From the Evil Queen: Vile Violet and Vanglorious

Maleficent: Violetta lipstick (beautiful color, is a permanent color in the Pro range)

Wrong Spell lip gloss (is a strange color, but I weirdly like it)

Some of my permanent line haul
Innocence, Beware! lipstick from Cruella

Impassioned lipstick (permanent line haul)

The 2 mineralize eye shadows from Maleficent: She Who Dares and My Dark Magic

Painterly Paint Pot (from my permanent line haul)

Permanent line eyeshadow inserted into my new Pro Palette: (top to bottom, starting top left)
Shroom, Vanilla, Malt, Twinks

The 219 pencil brush

Bite Of An Apple blush (Evil Queen) and Truth And Light, magically cool liquid powder from the Dr. Facilier part (this stuff is really funky. Feels cold to the skin, sorta wet. Gives an amazing glow to the skin)

Top left: Briar Rose beauty powder (Maleficent). Top right: Oh So Fair beauty powder (Evil Queen). Bottom: Bite Of An Apple Blush (Evil Queen)

Maleficent nail polishes: Formidable, Mean & Green, Bad Fairy

Heartless lipstick
When I have cold sores, I don't really use a lot of makeup. I'm scared of getting the virus in to my products. I stick to a bit of eyeshadow, mascara and some concealer. But as soon as they are gone, I'll be playing with all this stuff, and I shall upload what I get out of it :)
I've already got some swatches of Mean & Green nail polish, and I'm going to try out Formidable today. I'll upload my swatches later. Nail polish is luckily not going anywhere near the cold sores :D
As for food. my dinners lately have been salads with different meats. Not the most exciting food to blog about. Although I might share my currently favorite dressing with you in an upcoming post. I might even make some muffins today as well.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Egg fried rice dish

I had a lovely conversation with my sister last week. And we started talking about food. She asked me about this rice dish I'd done when she'd visited me a few years back. I finally remembered which dish she was talking about :)

I originally learned an egg fried rice dish from my friend Sarah, who had been living in Thailand.
I actually can't remember which spices she used and so on, so over time I've changed it a bit.

Below I'll do a quick run through of the steps.

Enjoy the slide show :)

First cut chicken breast into small thin pieces. Then put the chicken in a bowl with Teriyaki marinade.

Chop carrots in thin pieces, and finely chopped an onion.

Then make a marinade with Tamari (any soy sauce will do), smoked paprika, ground ginger, pepper, line juice and finely chopped garlic. Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl.

Fry the teriyaki chicken. Then removed it from the frying pan for later.

Next fry the onion and carrots till the onion is clear and the carrots are tender. Then add the marinade you mixed.

Next add the fried chicken again along with some boiled rice. Mix it all together.

Then ad whisked egg to the pan and stir till the egg is all fried.
And the dish is ready to serve.

You can do this without the chicken and use the rice as a side dish.

I'll hope you enjoy this dish.