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Friday, 11 February 2011


A few weeks ago me and my man was watching TV, and someone was given a peach cobbler. I've never actually tried a cobbler before, and it looked really yummy.

Since I had some apples, that needed to be used, I thought instead of making a crumble, I'd try a apple and peach cobbler.

So I searched my cook books and found nothing. Then I goggled it, and found a lovely one on.

The recipe is "unfortunately" from an American site, which raises the problem of conversion into metrics for me :) (I have no clue on American measurements what so ever lol)

But I found a good site for converting.

It is yummy, and not the last time I'd make a cobbler :)

I made mine gluten and dairy free using gluten free flour, pure sunflower spread, soy milk and soy yoghurt.

Also be careful about the cooking time. It was a little much for the edges of mine, think I'd given mine a check after 15 minutes, to see if it really needed 20 total :) Could just be my oven though.

Served it up with soy whipping cream with a dash of vanilla extract stirred in.


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