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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Huge MAC haul

Lately I've been making a lot of food posts. Today is going to be my latest haul. I've not done any beauty for a while, since I've been having cold sores. And as for my tutorial video, we've still got some software problems, so that might take some time to fix :(

But on the note of beauty:
MAC and Disney have made a make up collection called Venomous Villains (VV). And I've been really excited about some of the stuff in that collection. I love Maleficent!!! I ordered my stuff online. I have been on the page, and a fair few things are already sold out!

I've been getting some other permanent line MAC stuff this month too, and below are my pics of what I got :) (except for a picture of the greasepaint stick in French Quarters from the Dr. Facilier part of VV)

The VV Collection haul.

From the Cruella part: Sweetjoy and De-Vil

From the Evil Queen: Vile Violet and Vanglorious

Maleficent: Violetta lipstick (beautiful color, is a permanent color in the Pro range)

Wrong Spell lip gloss (is a strange color, but I weirdly like it)

Some of my permanent line haul
Innocence, Beware! lipstick from Cruella

Impassioned lipstick (permanent line haul)

The 2 mineralize eye shadows from Maleficent: She Who Dares and My Dark Magic

Painterly Paint Pot (from my permanent line haul)

Permanent line eyeshadow inserted into my new Pro Palette: (top to bottom, starting top left)
Shroom, Vanilla, Malt, Twinks

The 219 pencil brush

Bite Of An Apple blush (Evil Queen) and Truth And Light, magically cool liquid powder from the Dr. Facilier part (this stuff is really funky. Feels cold to the skin, sorta wet. Gives an amazing glow to the skin)

Top left: Briar Rose beauty powder (Maleficent). Top right: Oh So Fair beauty powder (Evil Queen). Bottom: Bite Of An Apple Blush (Evil Queen)

Maleficent nail polishes: Formidable, Mean & Green, Bad Fairy

Heartless lipstick
When I have cold sores, I don't really use a lot of makeup. I'm scared of getting the virus in to my products. I stick to a bit of eyeshadow, mascara and some concealer. But as soon as they are gone, I'll be playing with all this stuff, and I shall upload what I get out of it :)
I've already got some swatches of Mean & Green nail polish, and I'm going to try out Formidable today. I'll upload my swatches later. Nail polish is luckily not going anywhere near the cold sores :D
As for food. my dinners lately have been salads with different meats. Not the most exciting food to blog about. Although I might share my currently favorite dressing with you in an upcoming post. I might even make some muffins today as well.

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