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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quick post

My cold sores finally healed!!! I'm so happy about that. I hate them so much.
Unfortunately got a cold now, so my nose is a bit skinless, but still better than the sores.

I lightened my hair last week. I had my boyfriend help me do the root on the back of my head. I think the color turned out well. (I'll do a post on the makeup you can't really see in this photo later tonight)

Today I also gave my self a haircut for the first time. A bit scary to do, but I found a video on YouTube, with a great tip for cutting the back straight (most videos were for layered cuts, that my hair is way too fine to pull of).

I also cut some layers in the front of my hair, but I didn't need a video to show me how to do that :D
I think it all turned out really well. I'll try and take some photos for you all to see. Only needed a little help with the back. One side had a bit that was too long still, but got some one to fix that for me... one quick little snip :)

And last I did a quick meal last week. I couldn't really be bothered with too much work, so:

I boiled 2 pieces of chicken breast. Cut some mangetout in half. Sliced mushrooms. Fried the veg in a bit of oil. Cut the boiled chicken into chunks and add them to the pan together with a sachet of Pad Thai sauce. Served with rice noodles. Took 15 minutes to do :D

And it was really yummy.

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