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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Egg fried rice dish

I had a lovely conversation with my sister last week. And we started talking about food. She asked me about this rice dish I'd done when she'd visited me a few years back. I finally remembered which dish she was talking about :)

I originally learned an egg fried rice dish from my friend Sarah, who had been living in Thailand.
I actually can't remember which spices she used and so on, so over time I've changed it a bit.

Below I'll do a quick run through of the steps.

Enjoy the slide show :)

First cut chicken breast into small thin pieces. Then put the chicken in a bowl with Teriyaki marinade.

Chop carrots in thin pieces, and finely chopped an onion.

Then make a marinade with Tamari (any soy sauce will do), smoked paprika, ground ginger, pepper, line juice and finely chopped garlic. Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl.

Fry the teriyaki chicken. Then removed it from the frying pan for later.

Next fry the onion and carrots till the onion is clear and the carrots are tender. Then add the marinade you mixed.

Next add the fried chicken again along with some boiled rice. Mix it all together.

Then ad whisked egg to the pan and stir till the egg is all fried.
And the dish is ready to serve.

You can do this without the chicken and use the rice as a side dish.

I'll hope you enjoy this dish.


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