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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


So I LOVE sushi!!! It's yummy.

Today I made 2 kinds.

This first picture is what I made with the left overs, that I didn't have nori for :)

My fist roll here is a simple one. Rice, smoked salmon and yellow pepper wrapped in nori. Simple but I love salmon.

The one in the next picture I did some prep for.
I chopped some prawns and put them in a bowl with dill, wasabi paste, mayo, finely chopped red pepper, juice from half a lime and some light seasoning with salt and pepper. Mix it and roll it up in the nori.

Sushi is quite simple to make. All you need is a bamboo mat. I usually put cling film between the mat and the nori. I find it helps me to make less of a mess. If people request it, I might try and film next time I do sushi, to give an idea of how I do it all :)
For the sushi rice, I follow the boiling instructions on the pack, and then I add my marinade (rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar) and stir to cool, before I use it.

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