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Friday, 17 September 2010

Latest buys

So today I got some things in the mail, that I ordered Wednesday night. So I'm super impressed by the speedy delivery from Stargazer :)

I ordered White foundation and powder, red eyeshadow and red mascara.
I also got a few bit earlier this week while shopping. Black liquid eyeliner with a felt tip (I needed a new one), a gold pigment, and a metallic turquoise liquid liner. All from Collection 2000.
In the picture below I also have the MAC blusher, I got when I was in Stansted.

So the stuff from Stargazer is for a makeup look I'm doing for a contest. I will link to YouTube when I've done it :)

So first up is the red eyeshadow. I'm a bit disappointed by the color, as it is a bit more orange than I'd hoped for, but it's a fine milled, and very strongly colored. I am afraid it might stain my skin, but we'll see, and I hope a good base will stop that too. Below is the best pic I could get of the shadow + swatch.

Next up is the foundation. The formula seem quite good. It looks a bit strange when you get it out of the bottle, but it feel ok when you get it on the skin, and the color is buildable, so it's possible to create a sheer look too :) And for 3.50 GBP it's not bad.

Next up is the MAC blush. It's called Vintage Grape.
I LOVE this blush sooo much. It's a beautiful color both in the box and on. I can't even start to explain how happy I am I got it :D
In the photo below it looks like there is a shadow cast on it, but it's not :). it's 2 toned. I also have a pic of the 2 tones swatched (this pic isn't that good, but you can sorta see it).

The Pigment from Collection 2000 was a great surprise. It's only around 3 GBP. And it's really a good gold color. I'll be using this for the contest makeup, but I think I'll get one for normal use too (should I use it all up for the contest). I put a bit on my cheekbones the other day, and it looks really good. It made such a lovely glow :)

And last but not least I have the metallic liner. I've only swatched this, I've not had it on my eyes yet. I love the color. I just don't like the brush for it. It's almost impossible to get a fine line with it. I think it's cause the handle is so long, it makes it too hard to control. I think I'll use this in the contest makeup too :)

I didn't swatch the black eyeliner. But I've been wearing it the last few days, And I like it. It's quite opaque, easy to put on. But it will sting if you get it in your eyes (so if you are one of the people that will use liquid liner on the waterline, I wouldn't recommend this one).

Now for this contest I'll have to make a video of me doing the make up, so I'll have to start learning to use the camera better (find a place with good light etc.) and figure out how to edit the video after :)
So as I've lately been in this vintage pinup mood, and been doing a winged eye look. I thought, I'd try and do a small video tutorial of how I do it (you can find tutorials on You Tube), but I'll do it with cheap makeup, as I've found most tutorials use high end product. So I had a look, and think I can do a nice look very similar to the high end looks with some of my cheap makeup.

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